Synthesis Doctor Raid Guide for Tarisland

Phase 1[edit]

Before the start of the fight, players will need to take specific colored vials based on their role.

  • Red = DPS
  • Green = Healer
  • Blue = Tanks

Screenshot of Vials

At the start of the fight, the boss will drop red orbs around the map. DPS that selected the red vials will need to pick them up ASAP. If you do not pick them up in time, they will explode causing raid-wide damage.

If you do not have the red vial and aborb the red orbs = Instant death.

Screenshot of Red Orbs


Boss will summon 2 Slimes that will pursue your healers (Green Vial). If the slimes reach the healers, it will instant kill them. DPS need to swap to slimes immediately and burn them. (Tip - Healers stay max range boss from boss to give you as much distance)

Screenshot of Slimes

Blue Orbs[edit]

Boss will spawn 4 Blue Orbs that will pulse AoE Damage and get bigger overtime. The Tanks (Blue Vial) need to run over them ASAP.

Screenshot of Blue Orbs

Toxin Overload[edit]

Selects 1 random player and puts a debuff removing their colored vial. The player needs to drink the correct order of colored vials. (Indicated in red arrow). Doing it correctly provides a Dmg and healing buff, failing will lead to death.

Screenshot of Toxin Overload

Mixed Toxin[edit]

Places a damage over time on 2nd on threat. Pop defensive CDs/Heavy heals.

Phase 2 - Begins at 50%[edit]

Blue Orbs[edit]

Orbs now summon adds over time. DPS Swap to Orb/Adds. OT Needs to pick up adds, as they will run directly to healer. Main boss needs to be tanked away from orbs because he casts "Whirlwind"

Screenshot of Blue Orbs

Red Chimera[edit]

Once red chimera is summoned (Right after Blue Orb), DPS Race. Need to kill before self-explode or raid-wipe. OT needs to go to main boss and get ready for tank swap everytime boss casts stomp on a tank.

Screenshot of Red Chimera

Green Chimera[edit]

Need to kill. As long as it's up, boss will gain a new ability "Rotating Venom" (Large AoE Dmg). Safe spot is in the boss hitbox. So ideally stack the boss on top of the chimera.

Screenshot of Green Chimera

Fusion Explosion[edit]

Players must match the number of colored vials in the shield (Ex - 1 player with red vial in the red bubble/etc)

Screenshot of Fusion Explosion

Thanks to Uncrowned (Discord) for this guide.