Merfolk King Raid Guide for Tarisland

Rapid Cleave[edit]

Boss cleaves. Don't stand in front of boss except tank. Has red glow effect. (Healers/Tanks pop Cooldowns - Massive damage output)

Screenshot of Rapid Cleave


Dodge wave by moving left or right.

Screenshot of Shockwave

Water Bomb[edit]

Will select 1 random member to place a debuff. Player with debuff needs to move away from everybody before it expires or BOOM. (You can tell if you have debuff by a water circle underneath your character)

Screenshot of Water Bomb

Summon Merfolk[edit]

Boss will summon adds. Offtank will need to pick up adds, DPS swap and kill. Priority - Always kill Merfolk Shaman first. Once shaman is dead, stand in shield.

Screenshot of Summon Merfolk

Storm's Call[edit]

Stand in shield once Merfolk Shaman is dead. 1-Shot Mechanic. (Healers Pop CD's/Health pots - Huge AoE dmg)

Screenshot of Storm's Call

After Storm's call. Boss will repeat Rapid Cleave Mechanic immediately, make sure to turn boss away after Storm's call. Rinse and repeat all mechanics above until boss is dead.

Thanks to Uncrowned (Discord) for this guide.