Ancient Tree Raid Guide for Tarisland

Phase 1[edit]

Flower Ray[edit]

The boss arena has 4 flowers in the cardinal directions. At the beginning of the phase, two of the flowers will shoot a Flower Ray at the boss. If the boss is allowed to get stacks of the beam it will increase the damage that the boss does to the raid. One DPS must stand in each Flower Ray to stop it from hitting the boss and swap with their assigned partner after about 20 stacks. The DPS should be assigned positions and partners prior to boss pull.

Locations of Flower Rays marked by blue arrows and the 4 flowers marked by red circles:

Screenshot of Flower Rays

Natures Shock[edit]

Nature Shock targets 1 - 3 random raid members. The targets will have circles under their characters. After a one second cast time the vines will attack. Targets must move away from Nature Shock to avoid the damage.

Gruft casting Nature Shock:

Screenshot of Nature Shock

Blade Barrage[edit]

Blade Barrage releases a 45 degree fan shape with a 25 meter radius. Raiders must move out of the ability before the cast goes off.

Screenshot of Blade Barrage


Piercing grows a small root pile under the Tank with threat. While having this debuff, any auto attacks from the Tank will heal the boss. The second Tank taunts Gruft and the first Tank stops auto-attacking.

Wild Growth[edit]

Wild Growth deals AoE damage in a ring starting on the boss and subsequently getting larger 3 times in a row. If any raiders are hit they will take damage and are rooted in place for 4 seconds.

Note to Healers & Ranged DPS: Ideal positioning is right outside of the first ring so you only have to step forward a couple steps to avoid the second and third ring.

Screenshot of Wild Growth

Summon Mushroom[edit]

The boss will spawn a Mushroom Minion at the edge of the map that will move slowly towards the boss. If the Mushroom Minion makes it to Gruft he will heal.

Note to DPS: All DPS should target the mushroom. If a dps cannot reach it because they are soaking the Flower Ray that is ok.

Rage of Nature[edit]

Rage of Nature has a 5 second cast that deals AoE damage to the entire raid. Flower Ray ends and signifies the end of Phase 1.

Note to Healers: Intense AoE damage. Use raid heal cooldowns.

Phase 2[edit]


Gruft is immune to damage the entirety of Phase 2 and will knock back players within 5m of him. This is indicated by a large green circle around the boss.

The green swirl indicates that Gruft is immune to damage.

Green Nuts[edit]

Gruft will cast this skill four times during Phase 2. The first cast of Green Nuts takes place 8 seconds after the start of Phase 2 and again every 12 seconds after the first cast. Gruft will randomly go clockwise or counterclockwise with the subsequent casts. The attack is a 180 degree fan shape that will turn the ground it touches into Rotting Ground. Getting hit by Green Nuts or standing in the Rotting Ground will result in damage. All raiders must move out of the Rotting Ground effect.

Note: Use movement speed abilities to help get out of range of the cast. Ensure that pollinate target have room to get out as well.

Summon Guardian[edit]

Gruft spawn a Nature Guardian within 15 meters of himself. One of the Tanks must grab this mob. DPS should kill it as soon as possible since they persist into phase 2.


Gruft puts a pollen debuff on a random player. The debuff lasts 15 seconds. During this debuff the player will take high damage. Any other raid member that gets within 5 meters will also get infected with the debuff. Excessive spread of this debuff will result in a raid wipe.

Note: Ensure a path is available for the player with pollinate to get to a isolated area on the edge of the room. If a Tank that has aggro on Nature Guardian gets the debuff then either the other Tank will need to taunt or the melee DPS will need to move away.

Phase 1 and 2 Repeat every 25% of the boss

Thanks to Uncrowned (Discord) for this guide.